Daddin': The Verb of Being a Dad

Inspired by the book, by Dion McInnis

Monthly Archives: January 2012

Fishin’…it is in the blood

Some of my fondest memories with my dad occurred while we fished.  And among the many great memories with my sons, fishing played a big part.  In fact, among the verbs that serve as chapter titles for the book, one of them is fishin’.

For Lillian’s 2011 Christmas–her first to be old enough to be able to use anything that appeared under the tree or in the stockings hung with care–her youngest uncle, Cameron, bought her a pink princess fishing rod.  A little spincast rig.  It quickly became her favorite toy. Cameron, who has taken fishing further than any McInnis has (he is on the Hobie fishing team now), was very proud of the gift and then of her love of it.

Dion called the other day to remind me that Lillian loved the rod and that she would grab the rod and walk up to him saying “fish.”  He described how they would get on the sofa (boat) and fish.  I could see the image as clearly in my head as if he handed me a photograph to add to my cardboard Daddin’ box.  As McInnis stories are wont to do, this one continued.  After a while of imaginary fishing, they used their collective rich imaginations and sense of play to take the sport to the next level of reality, particularly for a living room.

He went on to describe tying liver doggie snacks onto the end of the line so they could fish and catch something live…their beloved family dog, ACe.  I bust out laughing at the scene in my mind; my heart melted at the thought of the laughter that father and daughter shared; and, I smiled gently at the memories that were being made.  I trust their fun was catch and release.  It is good practice; parenting is catch and release, over and over and over again.


Granddaddin’ Watchin’ Daddin’…the cycle continues

This is my first posting on a new blog that takes me to phase two of Daddin’.  The perspective of the book was that of being son to a father and father to three sons, and now I am granddad to a grandaughter.

If you haven’t read the book or its introduction (free preview of the introduction by clicking on the book cover), I coined the term as a verb for dads.  Mothers can mother all their lives, but when you say you saw a man fathering a child, the connotation is only biological.  So, I invented daddiin’ to describe the verb of being a dad.  Each chapter is a verb, full of musings, stories, poetry and journal entries.  As the cosmos would have it, I received my author’s copy of the book less than 48 hours before Lillian was born.  I gave my oldest son his copy of the book (my author’s copy) in the waiting room of the hospital where Lillian was to come to this world.

Now that she is developing her personality and characteristics and sense of humor and….it has been easier to see the interactions between her and her parents.  Since my son is a freelance web designer, he has more time with her and their fun and games are wonderful to watch.  I am learning granddaddin’ while he is learning daddin’ of his own style.

From this blog I will share stories of the next phase of daddin’.  I hope you enjoy.