Daddin': The Verb of Being a Dad

Inspired by the book, by Dion McInnis

About Daddin’

This blog continues my writings (poetry, stories and musings) that have occupied much of my life, i.e., words about being dad.  Except now, I am also a grandpa.  In September 2010 the book came out, and two days later my granddaughter was born.

Daddin’ is a book of moments…the moments that describe and  illuminate the verbs of fatherhood.In our society, mothers  mother. They care for, nurture and love their children in  ways that give meaning and understanding to the verb “to  mother.” When we talk about a man fathering a child, the  intended meaning is usually that theman sired a child. What  are the verbs that describe what happens each day for a  father? The verb of being a dad is now daddin’. This book  blends stories and insights of being son to a father and  father to three sons, over the years of havin’,  learnin’, listenin’, lovin’, playin’, fishin’,  growin’, leavin’ and livin’. Those comprise the verbs  and the chapters of thisfather’s view of living and  loving the role of dad. This is, at its core, a tribute to  my parents and my sons. 

From my believe in the verb of being a dad, instead of just the noun, comes presentations and workshops, too. And from this blog comes the continuation of living the verbs.



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