Daddin': The Verb of Being a Dad

Inspired by the book, by Dion McInnis

Monthly Archives: February 2012

Moms have a verb; dads have a title….that is the problem

I contrived the verb Daddin’ because I believe that fathers need a verb that they can carry with them like moms have the verb “to mother” as part of their lives.  Dads only have the noun, the title.  It sounds simple, but I believe it describes and predicts the problems about fatherhood in our society.

If children grew up hearing there was a verb for being a dad–fathering a child only suggests procreation–perhaps young men would have different impressions about what it means to live out the verbs of being a dad instead of merely claiming the title of “father.”  And if all a young man knows is that he holds the title…what is he to do in the day to day business of being a father?

Verbs are words of condition or action.  Dads must own fully their conditions as humans with emotions, strengths and foibles and live out their lives in action.  Titles are noun and tend to be static.  Parenthood is anything BUT static.